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Saturday, May 5, 2018
Lebanon, Illinois

Tour de Stooges
is presented by:

Gateway East Trails

SAG Service for the Tour De Stooges
is provided by:

The Bike
Bike Surgeon
O'Fallon, IL

The Tour de Stooges also receives
support from:

City of Lebanon, Illinois
McKendree University
Lebanon Chamber of Commerce


Why is the ride being presented by Gateway East Trails?

During the first 13 years of the ride, the bulk of the volunteers who work on the ride were members of the Belleville Area Bicycling and Eating Society. In 2010, the B.A.B.E.S. decided to become affiliated with the St. Louis Cycling Club and decided to make the Tour de Stooges its major annual fundraiser.

In 2014 B.A.B.E.S. decided to seek another sponsor for the ride and approached the Ridge Prairie Trailhead Initiative,a Lebanon based, but regionally focused bike/ped advocacy organization. RPTI, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has been involved in developing a cycling and pedestrian infrastructure and plans for trails in and around Lebanon since 2010. RPTI decided to accept the ride as a major fund raiser and is moving it back to its roots in Lebanon, IL. In late 2015 RPTI changed its corporate name to Gateway East Trails (GET) to better reflect its mission and purpose.

Are you selling T-shirts for the 2018 Tour de Stooges?

Yes, t-shirt orders will be taken up two two weeks prior to the ride and some will be available for purchase the day of the ride. More information will be posted and sent to registrants as details are worked out with the vendor.

Are you selling jerseys for the 2017 Tour de Stooges?

Yes, there is a a limited edition 20th Anniversary jersey available for sale on the registration site. This is a one-time offering of 150 jerseys with both Men's and Women's sizes. These jerseys are being sold at $20 off the original price. Just $59.

Is there a discount if you register early?

Yes. If you pre-register for the event, either by mail or online, the cost of the ride is $30 for adults and $15 for children 5-12. On the day of the ride, the cost is $35 for adults, $18 for children 5-12. Credit cards are accepted online and on the day of the ride.
Is this a family oriented ride?

You bet! That's why we have five different routes ranging from 17 to 64 miles. This is a ride for everyone. Families with younger children can ride at a leisurely pace on the 10- and 15-mile routes, while more experienced riders can go at their own pace on the 30-, 46-and 65-mile courses. Just remember to get back to McKendree University before 1:15 p.m. so you can partake of the lunch and the movies!

How are the roads marked?

We use at yellow signs with arrows before each turn. The arrows are color coded according to the route: Black for the Joe Besser "Not So Hard" Route (10 miles), White for the Curly Shuffle (15 miles), Blue for the Larry "Just Fine" Route (30 miles), Green for the Shemp Shortcut (46 miles) and Red for the Moe Metric (65 miles).

How difficult are the Tour de Stooges courses?

All six routes are on flat to rolling countryside, well within the range of most cyclists - including beginners. Headwinds can be a factor because much of the ride is in farm country with few trees to block the wind. During the spring, the wind generally blows from the south or the west.

Is it safe to ride on the roads?

Yes. For the most part, the route takes lightly traveled country roads, and most motorists you encounter are courteous. If you follow Illinois bicycling laws, which require you to ride single-file when there is traffic and which require you to ride no more than two abreast at other times, then you should have few problems with motorists. For more details about Illinois cycling laws, download this PDF file from Ride Illinois. Farmers often are planting their crops the weekend of the Tour de Stooges, and we ask that you be courteous to them because they need these roads to make a living.

Where can I spend the night if I'm coming in from out of town?

Here is a list of hotels near Lebanon.

Can I ride the Tour de Stooges for free?

YES! But there is a catch. You have to do some volunteer work. We need help with registration and parking before the ride, and we need someone to oversee the films at McKendree University. Contact us for more details.

How did you guys come up for the idea for the ride?

Ride founders Roger Kramer and Ken Kibort brainstormed the idea while marking roads for another ride in the St. Louis area. We decided the Highland-Lebanon area has some of the best cycling roads in the St. Louis area.

Will the ride go on in the rain?

Unfortunately, yes. It would be very difficult to get the word out about a change of plans, and it would be difficult to find an alternative date because McKendree University and the City of Lebanon have many activities planned throughout the year.

What if I can't finish the ride?

You should be able to finish because we provide adequate food and water at rest stops and because support crews led by Bike Surgeon will fix mechanical problems you have on the road.

If you just can't make it, then support crews from Bike Surgeon and GET will be able to get you and your bike back to McKendree University. SAG support will end at 3 p.m.

What if I have more questions?

Send an e-mail to us, and we'll answer your questions promptly.